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2024 CBRN Defense Conference and Exhibition


Poster Submissions for the 2024 CBRN Defense Conference and Exhibition

We invite high-quality professional presentations that reflect the 2024 CBRN Defense Conference and Exhibition theme of "Implementing the National BioDefense/Pandemic Preparedness and DoD CWMD Strategies"


Each poster presenter will be provided a board which is used to display the poster. The size of the horizontal board is 41" x 92". Poster Dimensions must not exceed 36" (h) x 44"(l) dimensions of the partition backing. Poster presenters must be at their poster during the reception and scheduled breaks. If your submission is accepted as a poster, more detailed requirements will be provided.


  • Autonomy & Robotics: Topics or capabilities that address robots performing tasks without human intervention. These may include sensing, planning, or implementing actions in a self-governing manner and in cooperation with manned units and higher echelon command.

  • Advanced Protection: The future vision is for integrating CBRN individual and collective protection to enhance a Warfighter's lethality, while not hindering individual operational abilities. Collective protection systems are fixed (shelter), or mobile (example NBCRV, air platforms) which allow the Warrior to operate without the encumbrance of a mask. Bridging science fiction (Starship Troopers living suits) with science reality (needing separate Individual and collective protective systems which are not interactive) could provide uninterrupted protection in or out of fixed sites.

  • Decision Support: Decision support systems serve the management, operations, and planning levels of the DoD physical security enterprise to help make decisions, which may be rapidly changing with little advanced warning. The DoD is looking for a capability/tool that focuses on command-and-control equipment and projects related to the creation and enhancement of common operating pictures, and the establishment of common architectures and interface standards.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: The DoD is looking to incorporate AI into decision-making and operations to reduce risk to fielded forces and generate military advantage. Do you have tools/capabilities that can help better maintain our equipment, reduce operational costs, and improve readiness? By improving the accuracy of military assessments and enhancing mission precision, AI can reduce the risk of civilian casualties and other collateral damage.

  • Simulated Training Environment: Long gone are the days of classroom training and technical manuals. Looking for topics and ideas that provide stand alone, realistic training that don't require removing the Warfighter from the fight.


All poster presenters must register and pay for the conference.


Deadline to submit your poster is February 26th, 2024. You will be notified by the middle of March whether your submission has been accepted.


Any questions about the information on this form or special circumstances related to your submission not captured in this form should be directed to Carizza Gutierrez at

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